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Transfer Pricing News

The fiscal year 2017 is full of important news related to transfer pricing rules. The 2017 edition of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines mainly reflects a consolidation of the changes resulting from the OECD/G20 BEPS Project.

The Italian “VAT Group regime” comes true … at last!

The Italian legislator has finally removed the VAT legislation gap between Italy and the most part of the EU countries. The new Italian VAT regime arise from a specific option rendered by the EU legislation since 1979.

The Holding Company as a Model to Organize the Family Business Assets in a Tax Efficient Way

In the context of family businesses, it is common to hear about the possible advantages or benefits of the creation of holding companies, companies whose main purpose is to hold shares in another companies.

Any tax assessment must be compulsorily preceded by a preliminary hearing with Taxpayers!

The question and the related discussion on the subjected matter arose nine years ago, right after a ruling delivered by the European Court of Justice. A significant contribute on the path of justice and fairness between citizens and Administration.

The (Border) Adjustment Bureau: Hold On to Your (Imported) Hats

Retailers would be wise to pay close attention to the upcoming tax-plan deliberations of the U.S. Congress. A proposal being considered would adjust the U.S. corporate tax by making imports a non-deductible expense.