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Government Response to the Domestic Abuse Consultation

Two years after the government first published its commitment to making positive changes to victims of domestic abuse, the response has been published as a draft Domestic Abuse Bill.

Money Laundering Legislation

There is no specific guidance for lawyers. However, the National Notary Office compels registration before the SUGEF of all public notaries that carry out any of the activities described in article 15 of Law No. 8204.

Argentina: Tax and Labor Benefits for Companies of the Future

The National Government seeks to promote a "Knowledge Economy Law" that replaces the current Software Law, with the ambitious objective of covering such important areas as robotics and biogenetics.

International Real Estate Investment Companies Looking for Opportunities in the Andorran Market

The Foreign Investment Law allowed the year 2012 that foreign capital participated in investments that aimed at the acquisition of properties.

Attempting Reform to Financial Claims on Divorce

One of the biggest difficulties divorcing couples face is the uncertainty of outcome on their financial claims.