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Special tax regime on foreign income for new residents in Italy

A special tax regime has just been introduced in Italy, effective from January 1, 2017, in favor of high net worth individuals who decide to move to Italy. The new resident will be entitled to ask for the application of the ordinary tax regime.

Amazon Go: Let’s Get (More) Physical

Among the latest e-tail trends is the expansion of online retail operations into physical store locations. Amazon is paying attention and its confidence in the staying power of brick and mortar shops is evidenced by Amazon Go.

Limited liability companies in Italy

In Italy there are different types of companies. Hereafter we focus on the Limited Liability Company: this is a Corporation with a juridical personality, where the interests of the members (shareholders) are represented by shares.

The modification of the Tax on Large Commercial Establishments

In order to overcome the objections raised by the European Commission, the Catalan Government is pushing for a modification of this tax figure in the Law on Measures Fiscal, administrative, financial and public sector.

Mobile Payments: Exciting but Unknown

Mobile payment options are no longer the wave of the future. They are already here. It was projected that there would be almost 450 million mobile payment users worldwide by the end of 2016. These users generated $60 billion in mobile payment sales in 2016 alone.