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Doctor Foster

I watched the second series of Doctor Foster with a growing sense of deja vu, as I’m sure many other family solicitors did. I watched as the two parents tried really hard to hurt each other, succeeding on more than one occasion throughout the series.

The Attorney-Client Privilege in the Age of Email Proliferation

We all know the allure of email.  Easy, rapid, mobile, less intrusive than a phone call, less laborious than a letter, the supremely flexible and ubiquitous facilitator of communication. Businesses run more and more so on email.  Unsurprisingly, so too does the legal profession.

Surprises For International Retailers Coming to the USA

Successful international retailers are aware of this potentially lucrative avenue to increase revenues. Frequently, international retailers encounter operational requirements which differ drastically from their home turf.

The Shipping Industry in Cyprus

Do you have a shipping company and looking for the most advantageous location for your business? Cyprus is the ideal location for numerous reasons.

Medtail: Why Your Doctor Is Treating You in a Strip Mall

The retail universe is well aware that it is only a matter of time until brick and mortal retail succumbs to its online competitors. However, retail has actually remained stable and, in fact, is thriving in certain sectors.