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Tip Pooling by Restaurant Owners-Remains in Flux

Restaurant owners with tipped employees should take note of several recent court cases which may affect their ability to cause restaurant employees to participate in “tip pooling,” particularly in instances where back-of-house employees are included in such tip pooling arrangements.

Basement Excavations: High Court case sets new planning precedent

The recent high court case of Eatherley-v-London Borough of Camden and Another at the end of 2016 has made changes about whether planning permission is required for residential basement developments. 

OMA, well-known trademark

Colombian justice denied registration of "Cafe Soma" after recognizing gourmet coffee shop "OMA" as a well-known trademark.

The sole shareholder corporation according to argentine law

The possibility of limiting liability by allocating just a part of the estate to a particular business was one of the major successes of the legal development in the tradition of Roman law.

Special tax regime for Res non Dom in Italy

A special tax regime has been introduced in Italy, effective from January 1, 2017, in favour of high net worth individuals who decide to move in Italy and meet specific conditions