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Airbus says lack of demand could halt A380 production
Airbus has posted record aircraft deliveries for the year but signalled further problems for its poorly selling A380 “superjumbo”.
The Telegraph Published: 16/01/18
Carillion could owe supply chain £1bn as up to 30,000 businesses face financial hardship
Troubled outsourcing company Carillion has collapsed owing up to 30,000 businesses around £1bn in unpaid costs, with many expected to go under themselves as a result.
The Telegraph Published: 16/01/18
Brent oil blasts through $70 as Iran showdown looms
Brent crude has soared to a three-year high of $70 a barrel on fears that President Donald Trump will hit Iran with fresh sanctions as soon as this week, constraining oil supply just as global demand gathers strength.
The Telegraph Published: 12/01/18
Banks cut back consumer credit in fear of rising risks 
Banks are clamping down on credit cards and other unsecured lending as fears grow that the boom in household debt could turn into a bust that could destabilise the financial system and force consumers into bankruptcy.
The Telegraph Published: 12/01/18
M&S sales fall as shoppers on 'tighter budgets' look elsewhere
Marks & Spencer’s revenues fell in the months leading up to Christmas as consumers with “tighter budgets” shopped elsewhere.
The Telegraph Published: 11/01/18
Headwinds grow for airlines as fuel costs take a toll  
Cliche or not, “turbulent” is perhaps the only way to describe the airline industry’s journey in 2017 after a wave of dramatic collapses.
The Telegraph Published: 08/01/18
Volkswagen on track to retain spot as world’s top car maker
Volkswagen Group is expected to retain its position as the world’s largest car maker in 2017, increasing its lead over Toyota.
The Telegraph Published: 08/01/18
Millions of computers using Intel chips prone to hacking
Millions of computers using Intel chips are prone to hacking because of a flaw that went unnoticed for a decade, it has emerged.
The Telegraph Published: 04/01/18
Bigger than the Big Bang: Mifid II regulations set to trigger biggest shake-up in the City in three decades
From today, a new set of financial regulations dubbed 'Mifid II' take effect that will shake up how the City of London works.
The Telegraph Published: 03/01/18
BP expects £1bn hit from Trump tax changes 
BP is expecting to be hit with a $1.
The Telegraph Published: 02/01/18

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