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Gilberto Gelosa

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Gilberto Gelosa founded the firm in 1988, bringing the corporate brand Interconsulting to life. In the years since,

Gelosa made valid partnerships and together with his partners, associates, Italian and foreign colleagues, created an international network.

His specializations and areas of expertise are company, commercial and tax law and he coordinates all activities of the firm. Moreover, he supports institutions and contributes to the development of academic research.

  • Extraordinary operations of reorganisation, mergers & acquisitions
  • Tax advice: domestic and foreign, ordinary and extraordinary
Talking about Present and Future of the Italian Tax Justice

Tax justice statistical data show that during last year (2016) the amount of “pending litigations” is considerably lowered with respect to 2015. In details, the most relevant decrease concerns “small value” tax litigations.

Latest changes in the Italian Tax Administration

Gilberto Gelosa, Treasurer and Secretary of Pragma, intervened with two speeches at the event "Changes in the Italian tax administration" organized by the Finance and Economy Ministry of Italy.