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Louise Barretto

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Louise is a partner in our Family Team and a solicitor specialising in all aspects of family law, with a particular emphasis on complex financial matters, including those involving business assets and those with an international element.

She is dual qualified in England and in South Africa. Although she now practices solely in England, she deals with many cases which have a South African connection.  She has  been called upon to assist as an expert witness on English divorce law in the High Court of South Africa.

Domestic Abuse

We are all accustomed to thinking of physical abuse when the term domestic violence is used. But since 2015 the definition of domestic abuse has been expanded for the first time, criminalising non-physical abuse.

Doctor Foster

I watched the second series of Doctor Foster with a growing sense of deja vu, as I’m sure many other family solicitors did. I watched as the two parents tried really hard to hurt each other, succeeding on more than one occasion throughout the series.