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Willway Associes

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Created in March 2001, Willway Avocats relies on the solid duo of its two partners, Eric Pouliquen and Philippe Axelroude, who over the years have developed a reputed practice in labour law.

We advise you on the drafting of your employment contracts (variable remuneration, working hours, non-competition, intellectual property, delegation of powers...) and for the special contractual statuses (executives’ contracts, travelling sales representatives, journalists, estate agents, concierges...).

We assist you in amending the clauses in an employment contract through every phase of the contract’s life (individualisation of remunerations, bonuses, "incentives", changes in purpose clauses or sectors of activity, development of functions, modification of working-time clauses...) and take into account the events during the performance of the employment contract (management of absences, disciplinary regulations, training rights...).

We assist you in terminating employment contracts (dismissal, agreed termination, acknowledged termination of contract, retirement and resignation) and participate in negotiating the financial conditions for termination (transaction).

We assess the risks of litigation and represent you before the various tribunals (Conseil de Prud'hommes [Industrial tribunal], Tribunal d'Instance [First instance], Tribunal de Grande Instance [High Court], Tribunal de Police [Police court], Tribunal Correctionnel [Criminal court], Cour d'Appel [Appeal court]).

  • Individual working relationships
  • Industrial and Trade Union Relations
  • HSE
  • URSSAF and Social Security Litigation



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