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The Journal July 2017

Talking about Present and Future of the Italian Tax Justice

Gilberto Gelosa

Tax justice statistical data show that during last year (2016) the amount of “pending litigations” is considerably lowered with respect to 2015 (-11,6%). In details, the most relevant decrease concerns “small value” tax litigations (up to Euro 20.000) thanks to a proper functioning of some legal tools as  “tax mediation” and “tax conciliation”. About the average “timing” of tax litigation, available data show the following: the 62,9% of litigations are almost two years pending, 27,3% from to five years pending and only 9,7% more than five years.

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) and Principle of Prevention

Manuel Pérez Taboada

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI), also called nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections, occur when a patient contracts a disease, gets a virus, a bacteria, or other microorganism during his or her stay in a hospital or at any other health care institution which was not present or in incubation period prior to admission. Healthcare-Associated Infections can affect people in any type of environment where they receive health care, and may even appear after discharge from hospital.

From Administrative Tolerance to a Legally Framed System: Floating Schedule Is a Reality

Christelle Wils

The Law on Feasible and Manageable Work, known as the Peeters Law, came into force on February 1, 2017 and provides for a system of flexible working time also known as floating schedule. Under a floating schedule, the workers can determine the beginning and the end of their workday. They can also determine the timing of their breaks. However, this freedom is not unlimited. 

What Is a Small Claim and How Can I Recover One?

Karen Bright

The recovery of money from a debtor is often a stressful process. In the current economic climate it presents a real possibility that the failure to recover such sums may result in severe consequences for the person or business seeking to recover those sums. Debts for £10,000 or less fall into the category known as ‘a small claim’. Generally speaking legal costs are not recoverable in small claims save for exceptional circumstances. The small claims procedure is supposedly more accessible and aimed at litigants acting in person and without the benefit of lawyers.

E-commerce Is Changing the Definition of Retail Employment

Alana Rusin

Article 100 of the Law 17319 on Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbons states as follows: “license holders and concessionaires – for the purpose of exploring and exploiting hydrocarbons – must compensate the landowners for the damages caused to the land affected by the activity of the former”. Likewise, legislative orders 860/96 and 861/96 provides for compensations to the owners of lands in which oil exploration activities are carried out and which are located in the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz, etc. 

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