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Migratory Regulation Process and New Visas

The extraordinary process of regularization of migrants and the announcement of new visas promoted by the Government last April, have caused the need for a reengineering of the Department of Immigration.

Published: 11/10/18

Business Expenses and Tax Modernization

Cuevas Abogados attended the conference on the project of the Tax Modernization Law 2018. Within the range of topics discussed, one of the most controversial was the part of the Tax Modernization project that modifies the general requirements that must be met by a company to allow its deduction.

Published: 09/10/18

Modification Norms to Regularize the Possession of the Small Real State

On September 25, 2018, Law No. 21,108 was published which modifies Decree Law No. 2,695 of 1,979 on Norms to Regularize the Possession of Property.

Published: 01/10/18

The "Golden Dream" between Russia and Chile

For the Director of the National Committee for Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries, the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Russia would be "a golden dream" . Why so much illusion?

Published: 17/09/18