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Divorce: What Am I Entitled to?

Whilst there is no substitute to tailored divorce legal advice there are some things to bear in mind which go a long way to answer this question.

Published: 13/11/18

When Is a Marriage Not a Marriage?

In England and Wales marriages can be either legally valid or void or voidable. For many years validity was the preserve of the church or other religious bodies but it became subject to statute in 1753.

Published: 06/11/18

Immigration Challenges for Employers Post-Brexit

In his announcement to end EU free movement, treat Europeans the same as non-EU citizens and introduce a new immigration system that will focus on skilled workers, the Home Secretary plans present employers with potentially significant administrative and financial challenges in the next few years.

Published: 09/10/18

No Special Status for EU Workers after Brexit, Suggests UK Cabinet

EU workers should hold no special status in UK immigration law once the Brexit process is complete, the Cabinet agreed this week.

Published: 01/10/18