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The Controversy of VAT Deduction in Vehicles Affected by Activity; a Step Forward to Demonstrate its Total Impact

To settle objectively the deduction of VAT contributions on vehicles "affected by business activity", the legislator considered as a valid percentage a lump sum of 50% deduction. But left the door open to a possible deduction higher or lower.

Published: 11/10/18

Cross-sectional View of the Effects of the Supreme Court Decision of February 27, 2018 on the Remuneration of the Directors of the Capital Companies

From the mercantile point of view, the recent Supreme Court Judgment of 27 February has led to the rejection of the dualist theory of retribution of directors and the imposition of the monistic conception.

Published: 18/07/18

The appearance of technological innovations such as electronic doormen, video door phones, etc. they have led many Homeowners' Associations to consider the possibility of selling homes initially intended to be the residence of the building's doorman.

Published: 18/06/18

Novedades en las cuentas anuales del 2017: la obligación de incluir información sobre el titular de las cuentas anuales

The annual accounts for the year 2017, 2015 intended to prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering or financing of terrorism.

Published: 18/05/18