• Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms
    Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms
  • We enhance our firms' local expertise  with the specialization of our professionals
    We enhance our firms' local expertise with the specialization of our professionals
  • We create on-demand teams specifically adapted to you.
    We create on-demand teams adapted to your needs

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Pragma's membership is made up of not only firms, but also the individual professionals involved in them. Each Pragma professional has an individual profile which is customized by practice area, economic industry experience and country, thus enhancing the firms, and the network, with all its qualities and skills. This enables us to locate specific expertise and skills to best serve our client demands. 

On-Demand Teams


Formed out of a unique approach to professional networks, Pragma operates on a glocal approach, mixing the local knowledge of its firms and the economic specialization from professionals of Pragma's network. This allows us to create teams specific to the needs of each client, without losing the local factor each firm contributes.

Knowledge Management


Pragma members are encouraged to exchange information. This results in improved knowledge, skills and competencies globally and across firms and individuals. Pragma also provides professionals with opportunities to demonstrate and gain knowledge and expertise, as well as increasing visibility.

Sunderland, Brazilian football, SAF and the Problem of Cartolism

The first -and perhaps the main- lesson that can be drawn from the series Sunderland 'Til I Die, consists in revealing the importance that the football team plays in relation to the population of the city that bears the same name. 

No External Directors' Liability Towards the Lessor Due to Bankruptcy

In the case of a pre-constitutive act, a lease is entered into. Seven years later, the tenant goes bankrupt.

Investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A comprehensive guide  intended primarily for foreign investors who might be interested to invest and run business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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<p>La Russie pourrait avoir déjà perdu un quart de ses tanks disponibles, des modèles T-72, T-80 ou T-90, depuis le début de l’invasion de l’Ukraine, un chiffre «&nbsp;colossal&nbsp;», selon...
<p>China reduziert eine bedeutende Referenzgröße für Immobiliendarlehen stärker als erwartet. Das soll die Nachfrage im angeschlagenen Sektor stärken.</p>
<p>Die Weltkonjunktur trübt sich rapide ein – wir erleben mit Krieg und Inflation eine Krise neuen Typs. Das gilt es beim Investieren zu berücksichtigen. Die besten Strategien für unsichere Zeite...
<p>Problemen van Philips zijn veel groter dan zijn bonusbeleid</p>
<p>Una vera e propria dichiarazione di guerra quella lanciata da Killnet e Legion. I tentativi di saturazione dei sistemi informatici hanno riguardato anche una ventina di altri obiettivi. Alcuni atta...
<p>Produção de café do Brasil sofrerá impacto pelo clima já que o país passou por períodos no ano passado que alternaram entre secas e geadas que ainda afetam a colheita.</p>
<p>Several dozen suspected or confirmed cases&nbsp;have been detected since the beginning of May in Europe and North America.</p>
<p>“A economia global está, portanto, à beira da recessão, com a atividade puxada por uma confluência de choques", dizem profissionais do instituto</p>
<p>Investeerders vluchten uit systeemmunt tether na cryptocrash</p>
<p>Plano é adiar para julho bloqueio adicional de cerca de R$ 5 bi para acomodar impacto de reajustes</p>
<p>While Covid stole lives from all strata of society, it magnified disparities based on factors like sex, age, health care access, income and housing.</p>
<p>À la veille de la campagne des législatives, le nom des nouveaux ministres sera connu ce vendredi.</p>
<p>Aunque Línea Dorada no opera por colapso desde hace un año, el Metro cumple con una de las tres erogaciones pactadas con CAF</p>

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