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Accountants and Confindustria Together for Tax Simplifications

A joint document has been drawn up between Confindustria and the National Council of Accountants with a set of proposals to help create a tax system that is easier to bring to the attention of politicians, with the aim of rationalising and streamlining the context in which to operate.

The document, entitled "Companies and accountants for a simpler tax", was presented on October 9, 2019 in Rome, an event attended by Dr. Gilberto Gelosa, president of Pragma and contains over 50 articles with the most urgent actions to be taken to simplify our tax system. These points, outlined by businesses and professionals, include three major areas: regulatory simplification, streamlining of compliance and ensuring a balanced relationship between tax authorities and taxpayers. The proposals range from VAT and indirect taxes to IRES and business income, from that relating to Irpef and substituted tax to that of local taxes, up to the areas of assessment, litigation and collection. Some operational complications are also addressed, such as the management of double tracks, which takes time and resources away from operators and which should be regulated more consistently.

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