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Boston Congress: a Brief Summary

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Published: 30/10/18 - Country: Belgium

gouldson.jpgHappy 18th Birthday Pragma!

It is now for eighteen years that Pragma exists and what better reason than to come together in what five hundred years ago was a quantum leap in the history of mankind, the American continent. After being in South America (Chile, Mexico and Colombia), this year has been the turn of USA. For this incredible event, our Network's Congress, we counted on the invaluable collaboration of our hosts from Goulston&Storrs, who not only offered us their offices for conferences and seminars, but also were extraordinary organizer of clients tours and business oriented meetings to let us better understand which are and will be the tendencies that will affect both the United States and international markets.  

On the days of October 19th and 20th we gathered more than fifty professionals between lawyers and commercialisti from more than 30 different countries  around the world, if it were a comedy contest we would have started with the joke that there were more than fifty professionals in Boston, but it was a meeting to promote international business, and above all, to create personal and valuable connections with the participants of the Congress.

As any general meeting we talked about numbers, about the present and the future, mainly highlighting that our growth in the international area and referrals has grown by 211% and leads generated via the web have increased by 75%, which is not  at all bad, showing us that if there is a business that grows above two figures, for sure is where we will invest our money in. 

We also were really happy to have the chance to welcome our new firm from The Netherlands, Bos van der Burg Advocaten, an important addition to our roster of firms.

We did not stop to talk about business plans, KPIs and presentations, but we also had our moments of knowledge and training, where the "Doing business in USA" conference for example highlighted the peculiarities from an economic, financial and also human rights point of view in order to better understand American flows to start an adventure in the US and make the most of it! (A small advice, contact Pragma to help you understand the US market and its legislation and to know who to make profit from it).

Once trained, enlightened and with an understanding of the grounds on which we stood, we were introduced to real companies, with real success stories: such as the leading company in audio systems Bose Corporation, the chain of Legal Sea Food, the innovative and unique Seaport District, or again the fantastic Berklee College of Music, where we experienced in different ways the power and capacity of a country with a desire and vocation for dreams, leadership and business.


As we have already commented, in spite of having a clear business purpose, we did not leave out the personal and networking part between the members and every moment was seized to bring Pragma's members closer together, whether it was going to be the inaugural event of participating to the Boston Celtics match or having a barbecue at Martha's Vineyard or perhaps enjoying some of Boston's gastronomic specialties such as the clam chowder or the lobster roll. Just delicious.


Do not think that we have gone overboard, we adjusted the budget to the maximum in both food and transportation so that these events were accessible to all offices from all the participants' countries.


We cannot close this article without thanking Matt Epstein for all the work he has done together with his team and colleagues, the president Gilberto Gelosa for leading Pragma, the members and the Marketing Team throughout this year achieving important results, Carlos Manubens for his strategic vision, the other Directors for their continuous support and actions for making Pragma grow, and as we cannot name you one by one, thanks also to all Pragma's Ambassadors for being the Marketing Team spokespersons in all the offices maintaining an open and constant channel of communication between us all. Thanks also to all the Managers for trusting the Board's vision and thanks to each one of the members who keep pushing the actions and development of the Network day by day, little by little, to get Pragma to be what both the Board and the Marketing Team know it can be: a successful traditional and digital Network based on amazing relationships, trust and exchanges of experience and knowledge.


By the way, in the United States the age to drink alcohol is 21 so we had to celebrate by drinking water (anyways it was real fun!) but in any case we are very eager to meet each other soon and to do new and innovative business together.

One thing that everyone at Pragma is very clear about is that Pragma is a different network from the others because people know each other, trust each other, and that is how you can gain the necessary trust that allows you to do international and transversal business, understand different cultures, trends and different ways of doing business and investments in many jurisdictions. We at Pragma have the ability to work together in the digital world while maintaining traditional values which are the ones that add importance to what we do on a day-to-day basis being professional and human at the same time.  

This is Pragma: Growing and Succeding Together


*Video courtesy of Gianluigi Longhi

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Pragma is an international network of law firms established in January 2001.

It resulted from the aspirations shared by four European law firms from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Having worked together for over ten years, it was decided to set up Pragma to advise individuals and companies in the context of the increasing globalisation of business relations.

Pragma differs from many other law networks having only one law office or one law network per country.

Currently, Pragma has 48 law offices in 17 countries with a turnover of more than 100 million Euros.

Pragma is an international network of law firms established in January 2001.