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Certification in Compliance

We are pleased to inform you that on July 20, Dr. Ana Llorente obtained the certification issued by the Argentine Association of Ethics and Compliance (Asociación Argentina de Ética y Compliance  (AAEC)) as Compliance Officer. The aforementioned certification has international validity ("International Certified Compliance Practitioners - CIPC").

In recent years, as a result of the globalization of businesses, Compliance has become one of the fastest growing areas of corporate law practice, creating a new role for lawyers who, as internal or external consultants, verify that a company complies with certain local and international standards and with its internal policies that encompass both normative concepts and ethics and conduct codes that companies voluntarily assume.

Although we usually relate Compliance just with the areas of anti-corruption, fraud and anti-money laundering, the truth is that other aspects such as corporate reputation, organizational sustainability, analysis of relevant regulations, effective risk management, design of internal policies which ensure compliance, etc. have become paramount and central to almost all organizations.

The existence of the aforementioned certification with international recognition in Compliance provides reliability regarding the performance of professionals qualified in this domain whose advice constitutes a tool to add value and of implement the best practices in corporate governance.

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