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ICC Arbitration Committee Costa Rica

Today, at the meeting of the Arbitration Commission and RAC ICC Costa Rica, the positions of President and Vice President for the period between 2019 and 2021 were elected.

In the office of President, Mrs. Andrea Hulbert of the Hulbert Volio Montero Law Firm was elected, who has been a member of the commission for approximately 10 years. Ms. Hulbert is a member of the Institute of World Business Law and a member on behalf of Costa Rica of the ICC Arbitration Commission and RAC.

In the position of Vice President was elected Mrs. Carolina Muñoz Con of the Dentons Muñoz buffet, who has been a member of the commission for approximately 8 years. Ms. Muñoz is a member of the Latin American Steering Committee, which incorporates Costa Rica in the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge initiative and is also an active member of the Anticorruption Commission for ICC Costa Rica.

For ICC Costa Rica, it is a great honor to have the experience and support of these two women entrepreneur leaders, who for the first time, give a female representation to the Arbitration Commission.

We wish you the greatest success in your new positions.

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Hulbert Volio Montero was born as a Dispute Resolution Boutique Law Firm, providing the country with specialized services in complex judicial and arbitration cases in civil and commercial law. With time, multi-national clients approached the firm with diverse needs which allowed the growth and opening of the following areas of work: (i) Banking Law & Finance, (ii) Competition & Antitrust, (iii) Corporate / M&A, (iv) Dispute Resolution, (v) Energy Law & Renewables, (vi) Intellectual Property, (vii) Litigation & Arbitration, (viii) Public Law, Public Procurement and Regulation, (ix) Real Estate Investment and Development, (x) Telecommunications, Media & Technologies. The combination of experts in substantive law and dispute resolution provides a complete service with outstanding risk control in every transaction. Also, the firm offers a personal, innovative, and affordable service.

This evolution comes hand in hand with the incorporation into the firm of two new partners that increase the concentration of knowledge and experience that strengthen our work. In 2018 the firm was honored by having Fernando Montero Piña as a partner, a recognized leader in litigation and arbitration, as well as civil and commercial substantive law. Recently we were praised adding William Villalobos Herrera as our new partner, an expert in Public Law, Energy, and TMT, amongst other areas.

In addition, the firm is now a partner of Pragma International, an international network of law and consulting firms established in 2001, to help our clients in the process of internationalization through the highest quality legal services and with more than 30 offices opened around the world.

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