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Innovation and New Technologies Summit – Andorra

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Published: 05/02/18 - Country: Spain

On November 29, 2017, Elena Redondo, lawyer and founding partner of Manubens Andorra, attended the second Innovation and New Technologies Summit (INNTEC) held in Andorra between November 29 and 30, 2017.

The Summit gathered many attendees related to the field of innovation and new technologies, both nationally and internationally, and hosted several presentations about “The 4.0. Revolution in Andorra”. Among the speakers were Alan Laubsch, Director of Lykke Corporation and eBay’s Head of Marketing, Innovation and Business Development, Jorge Herrero, as well as politicians such as the Secretary of State for Economic Diversification or the Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation of Andorra.

Elena was invited to participate in a round table to offer a more legal point of view on the aspects and opportunities of Industry 4.0. She focused her speech on the legal challenges of the Industry, especially discussing the evolution of the relationship between businessmen and consumers in a world where international transactions have grown exponentially. She emphasized the need to have confidence on electronic means of communication as well as on the digital space, being of the utmost importance to set up not only a legal background to establish the obligations and responsibilities of the parties but also solid regulations to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Finally, she offered a more specific view on the effects of the 4.0. Industry on land planning, concluding that the increase of information we have access to nowadays will progressively allow a more efficient planning and design of real estate.

The Innovation and Technologies Summit is organized by ACTinn, a non-profit organization formed by several companies and institutions from the same market segment which cooperate with the aim of becoming more competitive and promote innovation by sharing resources and exchanging knowledge and experience. Their goal is to promote innovation and improve competitiveness both nationally and internationally.

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