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The Maintenance Allowance for Non-Independent Adult Children

It sometimes happens that jurisprudential decisions, especially those that touch social or political current affairs, are misrepresented by the press or reported by the same with excessive emphasis.

Racism Tarnishing Portuguese Sport

At the international level, what happened to football player Marega of FC Porto is not an isolated case, but in the Portuguese national reality it was highlighted on enery newspaper front page and opening news, with the beginning of debates about racism and football supporters.

Hacker,  Criminal or Whistleblower?

This has been the discussion of the last few days in Portugal. At stake is Rui Pinto, a 30 year old Portuguese hacker, who has been in detention for almost 1 year, awaiting trial, for illegally obtaining information that led to several lawsuits and consequent scandals.

Netherlands Commercial Court

The Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC)) was created on 1 January 2019 to meet the increasing demand of the business world to swiftly and effectively resolve international business disputes.

A Very High Rise Neighbour Dispute Over Privacy Rights

In June 2016 the Tate opened a Viewing Gallery on the tenth floor of the Blavatnik Building, designed to provide a ‘360 degree’ view of the London skyline. The southern side of the Viewing Gallery faces directly onto the Claimants’ flats.