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Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTO): The Challenge Of A New Work Tool

The crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has undoubtedly generated a situation of unprecedented proportions, not only because of the global impact on health but also because of the social and economic impact it has had on the economies of countries.

Flexible Working Post COVID-19, No Going Back

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that there has been no choice for businesses but to become flexible. What will happen when the pandemic is over?

Can The Covid-19 Epidemic Justify The Termination Of An Employment Contract On The Basis Of Force Majeure?

Here and there, we hear voices saying that this epidemic would undoubtedly characterize a case of force majeure allowing the termination of current contracts.

COVID-19 And The New Reality

The COVID-19 outbreak is a major shock for the global economy.  Many countries have already adopted or are adopting measures to increase the capacity of their health systems and provide relief to those citizens and sectors that are particularly impacted

Administrative Constracting in Covid-19 Times:  Alterntives Against Contractual Imprevisibility

The difficult situation that the country is experiencing as a result of the covid-19, forces us to make some clarifications regarding the impact that it could have, both for the Contracting Administration and for the Contractors.