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Relief for Some Non-Resident Aliens Stranded in the U.S. Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Internal Revenue Service recently released guidance that may help to prevent some non-resident alien individuals from becoming subject to U.S. tax on their global income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strenghtening Of The "Golden Power" From The Italian Government

The Italian Government has intervened once again with the provisions contained in Chapter III on the subject of "golden power", to further strengthen and to extend the scope of the application rules.

Dutch Tax And Financial Measures To Counter COVID-19

The Dutch government has announced a number of measures to limit the financial and economic consequences of the Corona virus for businesses. Below a summary of measures that currently apply.

Extension Of The Deadline For Submission And Revenue Of Certain Tax Declarations And Self-Clearances

Today April 15, precisely the last day to be able to domicile the self-assessments whose term expires on the 20th, RDL 14/2020 has been published, which approves and regulates the extension of the period for the presentation and entry of the declarations and self-assessments.

Special Moratorium Credit Institutions In Italy  Requirements: The Definition Of SME

The Decree Law No.18 of 17 March 2020 has introduced an extraordinary moratorium on loans and credit lines granted by banks and financial intermediaries to "micro, small and medium-sized enterprises" (so-called SMEs).