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Significant advances in technology has resulted in a shift in the types of evidence relied upon by family law litigants. When it comes to recordings, whether audio or video, it is no longer a matter of black or white, or one version of events against the other.

The Hereditary Succession in Europe: How to Determine the Governing Law

In this essay we will briefly focus on the issues to be faced when an EU citizen lives in a country other than the one of which he/she is a citizen and wants to dispose of his assets after his death. 

Trust Administration and Estate Planning in the Age of Climate Change

A recent foreboding report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change offers warnings to policy makers and others about dire consequences that have and will continue to arise due to rapid climate change.

Methods for Avoiding Disputes in the Case of Business Succession

Legal disputes in connection with business successions are on the increase. This applies in particular to disputes under inheritance law, company law and tax law.

Returning Child Administrator Becomes Co-Tenant

In 2012, the mother was 80 years old when her then 57-year-old son moves in with her. In 2017, the son is appointed as administrator and mentor of his mother with dementia. Six months later, he requests the housing association to designate him as a co-tenant.