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Towards a new regulatory model in distributed generation

The proposal for a bill incorporating the concept of distributed energy resources is an extremely positive step for our country, since it promotes the incorporation of new technologies to encourage the use of clean energy in the country and is a complement to the current "Minae Distributed Generation Regulation".

Introduction of the Cameroonian Agricultural Terrain

Very few countries, particularly in the developing world, have experienced rapid economic growth without agricultural growth either preceding or accompanying it (Anderson and Lorch, 2001). This is because agricultural growth is a catalyst to broad based development.

Focus on Energy Products’ Italian Taxation

The new decree on biomethane (D.M. 2 March 2018) allows earmarking of excess power produced from non-programmable renewable sources, in periods of demand drop, for the production of biomethane by means of power-to-gas transformation technologies.

The new italian biomethane decree: Boost for the biogas sector

The adoption in Italy of the decree MiSE of 2 March 2018, whose operational guidelines have been set since March 2019, represents a key step for the development of the biogas/biomethane sector.

Decision on the Environmental Pollution Unit Charge for Motor Vehicles

The Decision on the environmental pollution unit charge for motor vehicles published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, number 116, dated December 18, 2018, and entered into force on January 1, 2019.