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Unconscious biases are thoughts and actions formed by our brains creating shortcuts to process the countless pieces of information we encounter daily and are informed by media, news, societal norms, and our experience. Our biases may not even be self-serving.

Who Controls the Ashes Destination?

It regularly happens that surviving relatives get into disagreement about the ash destination. After a loved one has been cremated, relatives can have different ideas about what should happen to the ashes of the deceased.

How to Get Divorced in The Netherlands

There are several ways to divorce in The Netherlands. In this article the four main ways to divorce will be explained.

Go Mega-Mall or Go Home?

While increased occurrences of retail store closures and predictions about the death of the shopping mall are causing mall owners to consider downsizing or repurposing their space, the developers behind American Dream Mall, are doubling down on their use of entertainment space to attract customers

Criminal Liability of Companies and Legal Entities in Italy: Compliance Notes

On June 8, 2001, the Italian Government enacted a Legislative Decree that introduced for the first time into the Italian legal system the direct liability of companies and other legal entities for crimes committed by subjects acting on behalf of the legal entity.