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News Regarding the Exemption in the Income Tax of the Work Performed by Spanish Residents Abroad

There are many foreign companies that receive services from workers residing in Spain. These workers must pay their income tax in Spain but can apply the exemption for the work income obtained if three requirements are met.

Compensation For Damages Resulting From The Measures Adopted By The Spanish Government To Deal With The COVID-19 Crisis? Key Points To Make Your Claim Viable

There is no doubt that the measures taken by the Spanish Government to manage the health crisis caused by COVID-19 have involved serious economic losses to many companies.

Second Chance:  Could It Be Your Solution After Covid-19?

Several voices predict a serious economic crisis once the alarm state generated by the COVID-19 virus has ended.

Are There Alternative Means To Bankruptcy To Save The Company?

This article is framed in the unusual health crisis generated by COVID-19 and the present and future impact of the pandemic containment measures agreed and implemented by the Spanish government in almost all economic sectors.

Can I Incur Liability If I Do Not Submit The Bankruptcy Contest After COVID-19?

Present and future health and economic crisis due to COVID-19 in our country is nothing new. Uncertainty knocks on the door of the homes of all Spanish homes.