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No External Directors' Liability Towards the Lessor Due to Bankruptcy

In the case of a pre-constitutive act, a lease is entered into. Seven years later, the tenant goes bankrupt.

Returning Child Administrator Becomes Co-Tenant

In 2012, the mother was 80 years old when her then 57-year-old son moves in with her. In 2017, the son is appointed as administrator and mentor of his mother with dementia. Six months later, he requests the housing association to designate him as a co-tenant.

No Termination of the Rental Agreement in the Event of Temporary Payment Problems

In the event of rent arrears, you usually have to deal with collection agencies. You are requested to pay, otherwise legal proceedings will follow. Or you've already been subpoenaed.

Corona Crisis and Rent Reduction

The question of whether the corona crisis can lead to a rent reduction is a matter of great concern and has been discussed in numerous lawsuits with various judgments.

The Purchase of a (Second-Hand) Boat: Legal Matters

The most common disputes in the water sports practice that come to me are about the purchase of a second-hand boat. Usually because the buyer has insufficiently researched the boat or because the seller has withheld information.