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Dutch Tax And Financial Measures To Counter COVID-19

The Dutch government has announced a number of measures to limit the financial and economic consequences of the Corona virus for businesses. Below a summary of measures that currently apply.

Not Playing By The Rules As An Employer In The Netherlands:  The Ryanair Case

In The Netherlands, employers are obliged to act as a ‘good employer’. Since 2015, the legislator has also translated this requirement of being a good employer into the legislation governing the dismissal of the employee.

Lifting Pre-Judgement Attachment and Attachment In Execution in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands a pre-judgement attachment (also known as seizure) can be effected on any object. Most of the times a pre-judgement attachment will be asked because the debtor has not paid an invoice after several reminders.

The Guardian ad Litem in lineage cases in the Netherlands

In The Netherlands we have a special guardian in lineage cases called a ‘Guardian ad Litem’. This article will elaborate on this Guardian ad Litem.

Who Controls the Ashes Destination?

It regularly happens that surviving relatives get into disagreement about the ash destination. After a loved one has been cremated, relatives can have different ideas about what should happen to the ashes of the deceased.