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Hotels Without Children. It's A Trend, But Is It Legal?

In recent years, the number of hotels in Portugal that indicate on their websites, or on booking websites, that children are prohibited, is increasing. They promise little paradises to take a vacation, where you would not hear screaming children, whimpers and tantrums.

The End Of A Rotten Golden Age On TV

There was one thing that was certain on Portuguese television. Every week there would be a big discussion on at least one of the many weekly sport debate programs about football games.

After a steady growth in revenue from Portuguese football, the 2019/2020 football season ended not only with the growth cycle of recent years, but also with a loss of 135 million euros, justified by the suspension of the II League and games behind closed doors.


The authorities responsible for the region of Azores, a Portuguese archipelago, imposed a mandatory quarantine of 14 days on arrival in the region, unlike the rest of the country where there is no mandatory quarantine.

To Stay Or Not To Stay @Home

This is the question made by several Portuguese in these crazy times. But the truth is that if we don't leave our houses, afraid of dying, we will surely die of hunger, because the economic consequences are already being felt and we still don't know what will truly happen.