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Portugal Is The First Country In The EU To Adopt A New Law - Streaming Services Will Have To Pay

Few days ago, the "Cinema Law" was approved by the Portuguese Parliament, which determines the application of a 1% fee on the billing of on-demand streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO, as well as platforms sharing videos like YouTube.

App That Tracks Contagion Networks by COVID-19: Is It Legal to Make it Mandatory?

On September 1, 2020, an app for Android and iOS was officially launched in Portugal that allows you to track, quickly and anonymously, the contagion networks by COVID-19, informing users who have been, in the last 14 days, in the same space as someone infected with the new coronavirus.

Possible New Amendment To The Portuguese Nationality Law On The Way

Despite the rumors of increased difficulty in the Portuguese nationality processes, the newly approved changes indicate the opposite.

9 Ideas To Help Working From Home During Quarantine

If the idea of working from home was a utopia for many workers, 2020 has made this a reality. And, what at the beginning of the year seemed temporary, now seems to become more recurrent and, for many, even definitive.

Hotels Without Children. It's A Trend, But Is It Legal?

In recent years, the number of hotels in Portugal that indicate on their websites, or on booking websites, that children are prohibited, is increasing. They promise little paradises to take a vacation, where you would not hear screaming children, whimpers and tantrums.