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COVID-19 Considerations In Private Company M&A Transactions

The COVID-19 virus has ushered in unprecedented and challenging times for our country and our global community. And yet businesses move forward, even in a very different and challenging environment.

M&A Trends: COVID-19 As A Material Adverse Change

As COVID-19 has proliferated throughout the United States, the resulting health-related government actions along with the behavioral adjustments in the consumer population at large (“social distancing,” etc.) continue to have a brutally unprecedented impact on our national economy

Coronavirus: Impact on the Retail Industry

Coronavirus Disease 2019 or “COVID-19” continues to dominate national and international discussion. News outlets in Boston, New York, London, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and every other city and town in the world continue to post and print stories related to spread of the virus.

An Unintended Interruption to the Global Supply Chain

The current outbreak of COVID-19 (the coronoavirus) will be a test of the global supply chain’s strength in the face of unintended interruptions, and can be a lesson on building-in supply-chain contingency plans.

Retail Evolution: Continuing to Think Outside of the Box

Retailers are bringing the store to the consumer and inventing new and creative ways to introduce customers to their brands and to increase sales.