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ICSC U.S. Law Conference 2021

Chaired by our own David Rabinowitz, the event hosted more than 700 members of the retail industry, including counsel from outside law firms, in-house counsel, and paralegals to name a few.

The Value of Uniqueness: Non-Fungible Tokens in the Age of Name, Image and Likeness

A vintage baseball card of Hall-of-Fame shortstop Honus Wagner reportedly sold for a record $3.25 million last October in the midst of a pandemic-fueled surge in collectibles and memorabilia sales.

Five Takeaways from the BBA Webinar on the State of Retail and Hospitality During COVID

On November 13th, the Boston Bar Association hosted Uncharted Territory: Challenges Facing Retail, Hospitality Sectors and their Landlords. Here are five takeaways from the webinar.

The New Name, Image and Likeness Playing Field for Colleges and Universities:  What You Need to Know

Prior to 2015, student athletes were not permitted by NCAA rules to exploit commercially their name, image and likeness (“NIL”).  However, the decision that year in O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Ass’n, changed the landscape for student athletes and third parties. 

As the “Legal” World Turns – Lessons Learned From ICSC Law Conference 2020

It is no secret that this pandemic has taken a toll on the retail real estate industry as a whole, including how many of us are faced with new and uncertain challenges. This year’s speakers offered guidance in how to overcome the many obstacles we are facing