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Digital Assets: Are You Prepared to Protect Them?

A key component of a contemporary estate plan is one that is easy to overlook: a plan for handling your digital assets with financial or personal value in the event of your incapacity or death.

The Sandbagging Conundrum Explained

There is perhaps no more consistently vexing problem for transactional attorneys on opposite sides than figuring out a fair contractual resolution for “sandbagging” issues. This makes the choice-of-law provision in transactional contracts extremely important.

2019 Holiday Season Retail Sales Wrap-Up

The holidays are a hectic time for a lot of different reasons. This post will feature a summary of some key findings in the analysis of the 2019 holiday season done by Adobe Analytics.

Airbnb Slashes Boston Inventory to Meet New Requirements

Boston is not the only city pushing back on Airbnb, a company that is battling local city governments across the country while simultaneously addressing concerns about safety and fake listings.

Discussing Family Wealth and Values with Children

According to a January 2019 survey, roughly two out of three parents express some reluctance about discussing money and financial topics with their children.