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Last Minute Shifts to Last-Mile Delivery Centers: Considerations for Retail Landlords

Owners of shopping centers and other retail spaces are again increasingly looking to novel uses, including distribution and warehouse uses, sometimes called “fulfillment centers”, to fill growing vacancies.

Purchases and People

When considering purchasing the freehold to your property you may also need to consider whether there are any employment issues which may arise.

COVID Impact as a Standalone Indemnity in M&A Transactions

The COVID virus has ushered in unprecedented and challenging times for our country and the global community. And yet businesses move forward, even in a very different and challenging environment.

The End Of A Rotten Golden Age On TV

There was one thing that was certain on Portuguese television. Every week there would be a big discussion on at least one of the many weekly sport debate programs about football games.

Football, Prejudice, Elitism And The Band Sepultura

Football should not be treated, in Brazil, just as a game. On the left or on the right, it doesn't matter, the contempt (or prejudice) for the activity that attracts, to a greater or lesser extent, approximately 140 million Brazilians and 4.5 billion Earthlings, is unacceptable.