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Eileen Pembridge

Eileen has over 40 years of experience in Family Law matters and guides clients through all aspects which need to be sorted when a relationship is breaking down.

She was a former chair of the Law Society’s Family Law committee and has contributed to law reform. She set up Fisher Meredith 42 years ago and was Senior Partner and Head of its Family Department before the merger with Bishop & Sewell where she headed up a large team of dedicated lawyers with a wide range of skills.

Eileen deals with all aspects of relationship breakdown and will achieve for spouses and civil partners and cohabitants suitable settlements in accordance with English law relating to finances, property and children issues arising. She is happy to tackle the partners of those hiding assets or being overly controlling or abusive over money or children and to draw up pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Eileen can judge from experience when a case is suitable for mediation or collaborative law and when it is not. She pursues these processes carefully and at the pace the clients wish to go.

Eileen has a reputation for being firm but fair and her clients refer their friends for years to come.