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Sanitary Measures for Entering Chile as a Tourist

Exempt Resolution No. 1,209 published on September 1, 2022 modifies and establishes new requirements for non-resident foreigners to enter the country.

Published: 06/09/22

Permits for Foreign Investors

The Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, establishes the Migratory subcategories of Temporary Residence, within which we find the "Permit for Investors" (Article 62), aimed at individuals or companies that wish to invest at least USD 500,000 in Chile.

Published: 22/08/22

"International Criminal Law in Chile" Book Presentation

The senior associate of the judicial area of ​​our firm, Felipe González Ampuero, attended the launch of the book "International Criminal Law in Chile and before the International Criminal Court" (editorial Ius Civile), held in the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile.

Published: 30/06/22

New Law on Computer Crimes

The new law expands the catalog of crimes, classifying as sanctioned conduct attacks on the integrity of a computer system or its data, illegal access and interception, computer forgery, receipt of computer data, computer fraud and abuse of devices.

Published: 28/06/22

Can an Employer Require Its Employees to Submit to the Vaccination Process?
  • Employers are not empowered to require their workers to undergo the vaccination process against COVID-19.
  • The employer cannot refuse to grant the agreed job to a worker for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The Labor Directorate is not the authority called to determine the vaccines that are mandatory for workers.

Published: 30/03/22