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Vera Abogados Celebrates 50 Years as Leaders in Latin America

In 1972, the Colombian economy was mainly based on the production of primary goods for export and of consumer goods for the domestic market. Industrial Property was an unknown area for the fledgling national industry.

Published: 17/06/22

The Trademark Lawyer Magazine Interviews Natália Vera

The Trademark Lawyer Magazine interviews Natália Vera, IP specialists from Vera Abogados, our partner firm in Colombia.

Published: 02/03/22

Vera Abogados Selected by Leaders League as One of the Best Law Firms in Intellectual Property During 2020

The French entity Leaders League, which produces an annual ranking, revealed in its report, the best-rated firms to advise their clients on Intellectual Property in 2020 according to five categories that organized them into leaders, excellence, recommended and highly recommended.

Published: 07/07/20

World Intellectual Property Report 2019

The WIPR 2019 examines how the geography of innovation has evolved over the past few decades. Drawing on millions of patent and scientific publication records, the report shows that innovation is increasingly global and intertwined

Published: 18/11/19

Vera Abogados Attended the 14th Annual International Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

Jorge E. Vera and Carolina Vera Matiz, from Vera Abogados, assisted to the 14th Edition of the International Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights, “Smart Solutions to Global Challenges”

Published: 28/02/19