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The Council of Ministers Approves the New Contribution System and Other Points of Interest for the Self-employed

The Council of Ministers last Tuesday, July 26, approved the Royal Decree-Law establishing the new contribution system for the self-employed based on real income, which will have a transition period of nine years, until 2032, and will begin to be applied as of January 2023

Published: 29/07/22

Training on the "Management and Direction of Non-Sedentary Sales Markets"

The partner of the Public Law Area, Eva Pich, and the commercial law lawyer, Carlos Fábrega, have been in charge of giving the legal training sessions in the courses of "Management and Direction of Non-sedentary Sales Markets", organized by Barcelona Provincial Council.

Published: 14/01/22

Measures Approved in Leasing Matters to Mitigate Effects Derived from COVID-19

As we have been informed, on March 14 the state of alarm was declared throughout the national territory. There have been numerous measures that have been approved in recent days to mitigate the economic and social impact as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published: 03/04/20

The Purchase and Sale of Flat Housing and the Contractual Nature of Advertising

Purchase of off-plan homes is a widespread practice, however, it is not uncommon for some buyer to take the odd surprise, when verifying that the property delivered does not meet the characteristics, surface area, space , or orientation agreed on the day of purchase.

Published: 31/03/20

Coronavirus COVID-19. Summary Table of the Main Labor, Tax and Commercial-Accounting Measures

Flexibility in the procedures for reducing working hours or suspending contracts (ERTEs), suspending the term for the payment of taxes and for formulating annual accounts, are some of the emergency measures taken against the coronavirus COVID-19.

Published: 26/03/20