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Vera Abogados Celebrates 50 Years as Leaders in Latin America

In 1972, the Colombian economy was mainly based on the production of primary goods for export and of consumer goods for the domestic market. Industrial Property was an unknown area for the fledgling national industry.

Published: 17/06/22

Investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A comprehensive guide  intended primarily for foreign investors who might be interested to invest and run business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Published: 26/04/22

Can an Employer Require Its Employees to Submit to the Vaccination Process?
  • Employers are not empowered to require their workers to undergo the vaccination process against COVID-19.
  • The employer cannot refuse to grant the agreed job to a worker for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The Labor Directorate is not the authority called to determine the vaccines that are mandatory for workers.

Published: 30/03/22

Law firm Sajić shortlisted to Win the CEE Legal Matters 2021 Deal of the Year Award

After winning the Deal of the Year Award in 2020, Law firm Sajić is this year once again in the finals for this prestigious accolade.

Published: 24/03/22

April 30 is the Deadline to Register Employment Contracts Entered into Prior to October 1, 2021.

The rule requires employers to register employment contracts entered into after October 1 of October 2021 on the website of the Labor Directorate within a period of 15 days from the celebration of this.

Published: 24/03/22