Firm News

Bridge 39/65: Paving the Way for Fintech Collaboration between Italy and Singapore

Bridge 39/65 has been launched as the pioneering fintech platform destined to serve as a bridge between Italy and Singapore. The platform’s primary objective is to provide specialized support and services tailored to fintech enterprises’ unique needs and requirements.

Published: 28/05/23

Superindustry Initiates Monitoring of the "chat-gpt" Application to Determine if it Complies with the Personal Data Protection Regulation

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, on its own initiative initiated an investigation with the purpose of establishing whether the "ChatGPT" application, complies with Colombian regulations.

Published: 24/05/23

Some of the Keys to the Approval of the MiCA Regulation

Last Thursday, April 20, 2023, the European Parliament approved, after four years of analysis and two of legislative formulation, the new regulation for the cryptocurrency market.

Published: 02/05/23

Drone Technology: Harm or Economic Benefit

Drones equipped with cameras have the potential to invade the privacy of individuals and businesses. As a result, there is a growing need for regulations that protect the privacy of individuals and businesses from drone surveillance.

Published: 26/04/23

The Protection of Whistleblowers in the European and National Regulatory Landscape

The term “Whistleblower” refers to an individual who, within a public or private employment context, becomes aware of violations of national or European Union law and decides, to report such violations to the competent supervisory body.

Published: 21/04/23