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9 Steps to Effective Third-party Due Diligence

This guide outlines nine steps for an enhanced due-diligence process to ensure you have the insights needed to avoid financial and reputational harm due to third-party relationships.

Published: 11/12/19

Law Firm Sajic Successfully Represented a Client in the Procedure of Establishing Copyright Infringement in Photography

The Law Firm SAJIC, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, successfully represented a client in the proceedings before the Sarajevo Municipal Court. In the case, related to the infringement of copyright, the court issued a judgment recognizing the plaintiff's rights.

Published: 10/12/19

Debt Restructuring for Self-Employed Professionals in the Netherlands

If you are no longer able to pay your debts and you are a sole trader, partner in a partnership or a freelancer/self-employed professional, then you are personally liable for your business’s debts. In the Netherlands it is possible to be debt-free after a period of three years of saving money for your creditors.

Published: 09/12/19

Draft Answers to the OECD Consultation on the "Challenges" in Taxation

ETAF sent recently some draft answers to the OECD consultation on the "challenges" in taxation arising from the digital economy. 

Published: 06/12/19

World Intellectual Property Report 2019

The WIPR 2019 examines how the geography of innovation has evolved over the past few decades. Drawing on millions of patent and scientific publication records, the report shows that innovation is increasingly global and intertwined

Published: 18/11/19