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The Protection of Whistleblowers in the European and National Regulatory Landscape

The term “Whistleblower” refers to an individual who, within a public or private employment context, becomes aware of violations of national or European Union law and decides, to report such violations to the competent supervisory body.

Published: 21/04/23

Legal Labor Note on a 4-day Working Day

On April 13, the call for aid from the Ministry of Industry for SMEs was published in order to implement the 4-day session. Companies that are considered small and medium-sized industrial companies with less than 250 workers, may be beneficiaries.

Published: 18/04/23

Harnessing the Potential of South-East Asian Businesses for Global Success

South-East Asia has become a popular destination for businesses looking to reduce their costs. Likewise, the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are also keen to become the “supply chain of the world”.

Published: 14/03/23

Self-employed Non-Resident Workers Obligations and Requirements

The creation of a free trade area has opened the door to a greater flow of people, goods and services between European countries, encouraging economic and political integration and helping to reduce trade barriers.

Published: 14/03/23

The Keys to the New Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation

This new regulation comes to adapt to European regulations, a pending account that Spain had for some time. Its objective, is to advance in the implementation of the circular economy and achieve the new packaging recycling targets for 2025 and 2030.

Published: 09/03/23