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Adam Yadid

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CEO at Yadid Law




Graduated from the Law School of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, double-majoring in law and business administration, with a specialty in financing.

Adv. Yadid specializes in commercial litigation, immigration and consultation to corporations and organizations.

Legislative Amendment to the Portuguese Nationality Law

A working group of the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) decided to draft a legislative amendment to the Portuguese Nationality Law. This will be done by adding a requirement for a mandatory legal residence in Portugal for a period of 2 years for all descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews.

Compensation for Holocaust Survivors & the Difference Between It and Payments From the German Social Security Authority

After World War II, many European Jews immigrated to Israel. However, many others immigrated to the USA, Argentina and other countries. Our experience shows that Holocaust Survivors in Israel are better informed about their rights.

Digitized Law Firm: It is not LegalTech but it makes working much easier

The last three decades have introduced many changes to the world of law practice. The majority of changes introduced a completely new realm of tools available to law firms for improving their work.