Aleksandar Sajic

Aleksandar Sajic is a Founder and Director of the Law Firm SAJIC. Aleksandar graduated from the University of Banja Luka School of Law in 1997, and independent law practice started in 2000 in the joint office "Sajic Stojanka i Sajic Aleksandar" which in 2003 changed its form to the partnership.

Aleksandar is a member of the European Association of Attorneys (AEA), Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), International bar association (IBA), International Law Association (ILO) and in professional legal guides he is recognized as a leading expert in these areas of law.

In addition to commercial law, M&A, stock exchange law and insurance law, Aleksandar also deals with issues of minority shareholders, PPP and legal risk assessment. In these areas of law, he advises and represents clients before courts and other competent authorities.

The Rights of Third Parties in Respect of Securities

The registration and deletion of the rights of third parties in respect of securities are regulated by the Regulations on Registration and Transfer of Securities on the Republic of Srpska.

Legal (in)Security

The goal of every well-organized human society should be the existence of absolute legal security, which makes an integral part of what we call the rule of law.

The Professional Liability Insurance and Kinds of Benefits That Legal Services Users Might Have

I wrote about Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance and came to a conclusion that in a way as it is being currently used and contracted, users of legal services will not certainly have any benefits from the same. Unfortunately, the practice has shown the correctness of such a conclusion.