Braykov’s Legal Office

Braykov’s Legal Office was set up back in 1990 when the profession in Bulgaria really became private. We are a team of ten lawyers in Sofia and we do not intend to grow bigger just for the sake of looking western. One has to remember the Columbus rule that he who goes too far to the west will turn up in the east.

We work with six associate law firms across the country. We think we are capable of putting together a larger legal task force of top free lancers on specific projects. The environment and the players we know since 1976.

Our office is neither the best nor the worst. This is not a constellation of professional stars but a circuit which lights since it is internally well connected.

We are delighted by the achievements of other law firms and try to learn from their success and disappointments. In a country where lawyers have never been the rulers’ favorites.



Nikolai Gogol № 15


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