Caria Mendes Advogados

Caria Mendes Advogados office was created in 1992 by the universal, competent and enlightened vision of Cecília Caria Mendes, who interpreted and applied Law in a perspective of anticipating problems and their objective, professionally and optimistically resolution, ruled by the vehement way she has always defended her convictions and the client’s legitimate interests.

Giving priority to the values that she never abdicated, such as seriousness, professionalism and dedication, she opened two offices, in Lisbon and Oporto, and surrounded herself with professionals with whom she identified and with whom she strengthened, over the years, relevant professional relationships in different fields of Law.

Cecília Caria Mendes passed away prematurely in the summer of 2017, but her principles, teachings and values remains with her team, now part of a Law firm, Pereira Lopes & Associados, which maintains the two offices, Lisbon and Oporto, and the professionals who, over the years, have dedicated themselves to the practice of advocacy.

Excelling in various areas of Law, whether linked to companies and their needs, or related to citizens, and in several countries, Pereira Lopes & Associados team pursues the values of Law and human dignity in the practice of advocacy.