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Christelle Wils

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Advising companies, key managers and high-net-worth individuals on tax issues, especially in the framework of international corporate and local tax restructuring, taxation of financial and insurance products, optimization of financing flow (“Parent-Subsidiary” regime, withholding taxes, foreign tax credit, etc.), key management and employees’ wages

From Administrative Tolerance to a Legally Framed System: Floating Schedule Is a Reality

The Law on Feasible and Manageable Work, known as the Peeters Law, came into force on February 1, 2017 and provides for a system of flexible working time also known as floating schedule.

"Regularized" Offshore Structures: Cayman Tax Application?

You have regularized an offshore structure. How should you include it in your tax return from the entry into force of the "Cayman Tax”? What is the applicable tax system in case of liquidation?