Daniel J. Brody

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Dan’s general corporate practice includes mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, corporate financing, and compliance. Dan is an Associate in our Corporate group.

Prior to joining Goulston & Storrs, Dan worked as an associate with a law firm in New York.

The FTC Won’t Let Me Be: Warnings and Enforcement Actions Targeting Social Media Influencers

According to recent Nielsen ratings, the most watched TV shows and live TV events top off at around 20 million viewers. In contrast, the most popular personalities on various social media platforms have well over 100 million followers.

The (Border) Adjustment Bureau: Hold On to Your (Imported) Hats

Retailers would be wise to pay close attention to the upcoming tax-plan deliberations of the U.S. Congress. A proposal being considered would adjust the U.S. corporate tax by making imports a non-deductible expense.