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Adv. & Notary David Yadid: Graduated from the Law School of Tel Aviv University, B.A. in economics and international relations, and M.A. in Business administration from Tel Aviv University. Adv. And Notary Yadid Specializes in corporate law, IPOs, and insurance law.

David Yadid has worked for years in the field of insurance and held the position of C.E.O. at the insurance company “Isram-Life” (later “Eitan Insurance”, which has merged into “Clal insurance”).
Adv. And Notary Yadid has been working with holocaust survivors for over 30 years, aiding them in various ways. During the 1980's Adv. And Notary Yadid had founded the Academics' Pension fund via the German social security.

A Leading Force in the Struggle for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors and Obtaining Portuguese Citizenship

For more than 30 years, the lawyers at the David Yadid Law Firm and Notary, have been working professionally and with dedication in areas that include exercising rights for the elderly, immigration and full support in the process of obtaining foreign citizenship while providing personal service.