del Carril, Colombres, Vayo & Zavalía Lagos

The experience as professionals leads us to consider the provision of a direct personalized assistance to our clients as essential. This service is provided by lawyers armed with a vast expertise adding the cooperation of competent legal professionals contributing with their youth and capacity. 

Nowadays businesses and conflicts reflect a high complexity requiring both a general focus and a specialized assistance in order to prepare an adequate strategy to be followed. Our experience allows us to identify the best method for the solution or development of our clients’ issues. 

The Law Firm offers a complementary service by means of the integration of our lawyers and in-house lawyers from our clients providing advice on legal matters with the objective and impartial point of view characteristic of external professionals. 

We believe law is an art and to exercise said art the knowledge of the legal science is not enough. Several techniques and abilities oriented to achieve a better protection of the interests and aims of our clients shall be developed. 

The professional and academic expertise of Partners allows the Law Firm not only to provide its clients legal advice but also to find solutions to current corporate problems.

The Law Firm is member, being Argentina’s sole representative, of the International Network of Law Firms PRAGMA ( with representatives from the majority of European, Latin American and Chinese countries. This allows handling matters and clients in other countries as it has the collaboration of associated law firms.