Eva Pich

Partner in charge of the Administrative Law department. Aside from her specialist knowledge of Administrative Law, she is also an expert on the distribution of goods and foodstuffs. She acts as adviser to numerous commercial distributors in their ongoing expansion throughout the Spanish peninsula and also counsels a number of food suppliers. Mrs.Pich has also designed the legal basis of various major public infrastructure projects undertaken by the Catalan government.

As a lawyer, Mrs. Pich tries to empathize with the client's problem - making it his own; And apply all the technical knowledge and experience to design solutions as they are useful. If they exist, if there are none, she is also very frank. "

  • Due diligence of acquisition of commercial equipment, strategy in the expansion of companies in the territory, procedures of guarantee of market unit, advice to the municipalities in the regulation of the commerce within its territorial scope.
  • Design of operations of modification of planning to make possible the execution of projects, regularization of illegal developments, challenges of planning instruments, negotiation of urban agreements.
  • Environmental audits, advice on procedures for obtaining environmental authorizations, in the processing of Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Advice to AA.PP in the organization of its structure to achieve the maximum efficiency and in the adoption of measures to adapt to the requirements of public indebtedness.
  • Advice on the regulation of airport infrastructure.
Can Business Owners Claim for Damages Caused by the Pandemic?

Unlike what happened in other Autonomous Communities, the AC of Catalonia introduced a regulation of business premises rental contracts, through the approval of Decree-Law 34/2020, among the measures adopted in relation to COVID -19.

Is There a Duty to Support the Damages Suffered as a Result of Managing the Pandemic?

There is no doubt that the management, by the public authorities, of the crisis sanitary has caused innumerable damages to the commercial sector (both owners and tenants).

The modification of the Tax on Large Commercial Establishments

In order to overcome the objections raised by the European Commission, the Catalan Government is pushing for a modification of this tax figure in the Law on Measures Fiscal, administrative, financial and public sector.