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Filipe Consciência

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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1984, Filipe Consciência did his entire education in Lisbon, entering with 17 years at the Law Faculty of Lisbon University.

After graduating, and before entering the legal labor market, Filipe Consciência accepted the position of employee of a car stand, having in just a few months become department manager and later responsible for two car stands.

In September 2008, Filipe Consciência started working in the office of Pragma founder, Cecília Caria Mendes, beginning  to work with Pragma right away.

Over the years Filipe Consciência has specialized in consumer, labour and commercial law, and also in real estate.

After actively participating with Cecília Caria Mendes in the discussion and drafting of the law that allows the attribution of Portuguese nationality to descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews, since 2015 that Filipe Consciência has been responsible for the office's nationality department, having already delivered several thousand requests for attribution of Portuguese nationality, with great success.
In 2017, Filipe Consciência was invited to become Associate of Caria Mendes Advogados.

Filipe Consciência loves to travel, read, write (having already published 4 books and participated as a guest writer in many others), watch series, cook and visit the best national and international restaurants, being a recognized expert in gastronomy in Portugal.

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