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Georgina Bergos

Mrs.Bergos is characterized by its high involvement in the problems and issues of the client. She likes to deal with him, study his case, plan, decide the strategy to follow to defend his interests, accompany him in his decisions, imagine, find and implement the most appropriate solutions. Knowing and understanding what the client wants, what their objective is, what their needs are and then working together to achieve it and achieve it efficiently, provides great satisfaction.
She believes that every customer relationship must be constructive, positive.
She likes working with companies that have values, that are competitive, that strive and fight for their dreams. And above all with the people behind the companies.

  • Transactions in real estate transactions. Contracts for works, projects, leases, purchase and sale, payments and signals, debtor, usufruct right, etc. Legal evaluation of real estate.
  • Negotiations of Sale and sale of companies and assets of the company, preparation and drafting of legal Due Diligence and preparatory contracts and sales.
  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of commercial and commercial contracts: distribution, agency, purchase of products, supplies, license, know-how, manufacturing, loans, guarantee, etc.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for real estate promotion, land purchase, barter, sale of buildings and financing.
  • Negotiation with clients, resolution of international consultations on investments and contracting.
  • Constitutions of companies, operation and adoption of agreements of the decision-making bodies, drafting and revision of the Statutes of all types of companies, increases and reductions of capital, liquidation, dissolution, reorganizations of companies, mergers, divisions, Incorporation of branches, acquisitions, sale of shareholdings, legal audits, exercise of shareholders 'and partners' rights, contracts between partners, collaboration agreements between companies, joint venture.
  • Litigation of unfair competition and defense of competition. Business liability for defective products.
  • Advice to companies on the rights of consumers that affect the manufacture of products and services and sales activities.
  • Secretariat of Associations and Foundations
Instrucciones lesivas para la sociedad impartidas por la Junta General de socios
Injurious Instructions to the corporation issued by the General Shareholders' Meeting or by the parent of the Group may be responsible for the personal liability of the administrators who execute them and of the parent / majority partner / sole shareholder.