Gianluigi Longhi

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Chartered Accountant

He practises the profession at the Studio Longhi Associato of Lugo (RA) and Milan

Expertise of promotion and innovation for the international expansion of companies

Expertise in special corporate financing operations such as:

  • purchase and sale of companies and shareholdings;
  • corporate and business restructuring;
  • tax planning, also on an international level;
  • liquidation of limited companies;
  • financial planning;
  • expertise in the hospital and private clinic sector.

He performs board duties, also with a fixed term and with operational responsibilities at particular times during the activity of companies or institutions, such as:

  • corporate restructuring, relations with the banking system, relationships with suppliers;
  • contract follow up after acquisition of control;
  • reporting of managerial analysis.

Financial and managerial analysis of companies, business assessment, certification of corporate restructuring plans pursuant to the Bankruptcy Law. Liquidator of companies in trouble.

Auditor and board member.


In March 1985, he graduated in Economics and Business, University of Bologna. Final mark: 110 (highest possible grade) with first-class honours, Prof. Giorgio Bernini. Then, in June 1986, he passed the Board Examination to obtain the professional qualification to practice as Chartered Accountant. In 1986 he enrolled to the Association of Chartered Accountants of the Province of Ravenna.

In 1986, he continued deepening his professional knowledge by attending the postgraduate course in “The Chartered Accountant and the special corporate operations” at the Bocconi University in Milan. Course supervisor: Prof. Fabrizio Gardi – Milan. Then, in 1987, he passed the Postgraduate course in “Master in Tax Law” at the Bocconi University in Milan. Course supervisor: Prof. Victor Uckmar, attorney. Finally, in 1994, he passed the Postgraduate course in “Theory and practice of financial auditing according to international standards” (Venice).

In the scholar world, he was sessional professor of level II Master of “
Financial Statement Analysis and significant indicators for economic assessment” at “Crisal – University of Ferrara” during 2010-2012.

Knowledge of spoken and written English. He also expanded his journalist activities, first as a leader writer for the “Il Giornale delle partite Iva” monthly magazine as head of the “Forum Economia” column; at present he writes for the online newspapers “” and “”.

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