Gustavo Cuevas

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Founding Partner of Cuevas Abogados (2002 –).
He previously worked as a General Counsel in various foreign banks (1993-2003).

He worked at “Banco de Santiago” in corporate banking, initially as paralegal, and subsequently as a lawyer in the transactions and contracts department preparing general financial contracts (1983-1993).

Specialities: International Arbitration, Crisis Management, Financial and capital markets law.

He wrote numerous articles on Civil Liability.

Director of the Chilean-French Chamber of Commerce
Vice Director of Pragma (global network of lawyers)
He was a member of the Family Business Center’s Board of Directors, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD)
He was the Head Counsel of the Public Policy Committee, Family Business Center at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD)
President and Director of the OTIC of the Chilean-French Chamber of Commerce.
Director of other public corporations.
ICC Member (International Chamber of Commerce).

He has been a Civil Law professor at Civil Liability Master at Universidad del Desarrollo and Universidad de los Andes.

He has been the former chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering Committee of the Bankers’ Associations.

Director of the LH-ONM Chile Association.

The French government bestowed on Gustavo Cuevas the insignia of Knight in the National Order of Merit for continuous and on-going service to the rapprochement between Chile and France.

Duty of Information of Financial Institutions to the SII

On June 30, 2022, Law No. 21,453 was published, which introduced amendments to the Tax Code regarding various matters, including on the obligation of financial institutions to deliver to the Service of Internal Taxes (SII) information of people and/or companies in certain cases.

The Commitment Clause

The arbitration clause is one that is contained in a contract and that submits disputes that arise after the conclusion of the agreement to the knowledge of an arbitrator.